Breakout some Buttons!

After a couple of projects that failed more or less because of soldering mistakes, I figured I would try making something for the sake of learning better soldering techniques. This time I would try to make cleaner joints by heating up the joint and then applying solder. In addition to that, I would try smaller gauge wire and make sure to tin the tip. I think that the overall project looks neat, but I could still use a lot of improvement before I tackle a larger project.

What I created is a push button breakout board made with mostly leftover parts from the PiGrrl project. It consisted of the AdaFruit protoboard, four large push buttons, and a six pin male header. The inspiration of the project is many times that I have breadboarded push buttons to tear them off again. With the inclusion of the male header, I should have no problem popping this board on and off an Arduino or breadboard. I know there are probably a million shields out there that can do this, but like I said, this was mostly for soldering experience.


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