Two Worlds Collide


open lab idaho at albertsons library There was a lot going  on in the Boise maker community tonight. The wonderful creative minds of Open Lab Idaho met in the dynamic and growing space of the MakerLab at Albertsons Library. In traditional “Hack Night” fashion, the group gathered around the table worked on projects and shared insight into their creative process with anyone who cared to inquire. Randy made progress with his software defined radio and was able to broadcast an audio file. Micheal was experimenting with Arduino Gemma, an Arduino that is designed to be sewn into fabric. John was working with his ever growing collection of microcontroller based projects. More exciting were the interactions that regulars of the MakerLab had with members of OLI, almost everyone was involved in solving a mystery surrounding a monitor that would not cooperate with a pi. Overall it was a fantastic night, and OLI looks forward to future meetings at the MakerLab.



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